Art center - Fly
Location Nur-Sultan city, Republic of Kazakhstan
Area 11250 ΠΌ2
Project year 2018

The concept of the Art Center was made for the Nur-Sultan city. The relevance of this concept is justified by the development plans of new directions for leisure. It is indispensable for people living in large cities such as Nur-Sultan. This young capital became a metropolis in a short period, it acquired the status of a national idea, became a symbol of independence and global success of the young state, and this is what makes this concept modern and relevant. The perfect geographic location makes this concept unique. The bright-white roof canopy curves to resemble a bird perched on the floor of an island between a river. In addition, the water landscape around reflects a new attraction, and the aquatic landscape reflects a new attraction. The fresh and white form was originated as a lightweight and dynamic structure, which seems to float above the ground. There is also a huge lobby with a glass roof. It grants the maximum opportunity to fill the interior with natural light. On the first floor, we can see massive open-air exhibition halls for exhibitions. On the next floors, there are offices, coworking spaces, conference rooms, along with an observation deck with a beautiful park around the building.