Nurgissa Ravil
CEO Nurgissa Ravil

Our studio is based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We provide architectural services along with interior design. We create projects of variable difficulties and shapes by using the latest technologies for designing. Assisted by BIM technology as well as the visual programming scripting methods to enhance the accuracy and productivity of our projects, along with various parametric design programs which allow us a full range of ways to create brave ideas according to norms. We are always happy about new projects and experiments.

Philosophy of the Studio.

Needless to say, that good design can play a significant role in a good state of mind, thus improving the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state of a person. Our goal is to create a functional and comfortable space for people through the use of environmentally friendly materials along with natural lightening and insolation. Our focus is exclusively on modern design, characterized by restraint and rigor with functional items for elegant simplicity. One of the most important tasks of our studio is pre-project analysis, which will allow us to go in the right direction to achieve a high level of design. We treat each project with great responsibility as an art piece. Furthermore, we pay maximum attention to all the small details, bringing them to perfection.


  • Design of residential and public buildings
  • Design of private houses
  • Architectural interiors
  • Design of parametric architectural and structural forms
  • 3D modeling and visualization.