Home – Eye house


Almaty city, Republic of Kazakhstan


300 м2

Project year


Before telling you about the project, I would like to tell you about us. On occasions, we create projects for the future. Over time, the accumulated inspirations renew new thoughts and imaginations. The "Eye House" concept, standing on a hill, furthermore, looking to the gorgeous landscape of Almaty and partly plunging into the ground, additionally forming a basement, reminds human eyes with a penetrating gaze. The non-standard modular house is carefully thought out and effortlessly stands out from its surroundings. It immediately seems as if the whole capacity is floating in the air. The concept is quite brave and unusual. The shell of the house reflects nature from all sides. The upper part of the shell is energy efficient. Moreover, there are rainwater collection tanks at the rear of the house on both sides, which will provide significant savings in drinking water. The design of this concept is simple and clean. The palette has been used to create a timeless elegance. The simple approach to the design of this house has resulted in minimizing any intervention on the surroundings. All the furniture is built-in and functional, which is a prolongation of the architecture. There is plenty of free space and a relaxed atmosphere. Large skylights on the roof let in enough light, creating a natural and organic atmosphere in the home. We offer this house for a family of four with all the comfortable conditions for living in such a picturesque place.